Making Money Online

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There are many stories today of people working from home and making money online and many of those stories are at least true in part, even if they may not always make as much as they claim. One of the most popular ways to make money online is to have a blog. There are many websites today that can tell you how to get started and one of the better ones is one by the Real Michael J Fox. I say the real one because this is not a gimmick; it is the man’s real name, unlike the actor who just had that as his stage name.

In order to start your own blog you will, of course, need your own website and so you will need a domain name for it and also need someone to host, placing it on the internet so that it can be seen. Although both of these things will probably cost you money, the cost is usually very little, depending on how large a website you want. You do not necessarily need someone to design and create the website for you as today, there are plenty of software options which will allow you to do that on your own, the most popular being WordPress. This is software which will translate your typed instructions into code which a PC can understand and therefore create the website as per your instructions.

It is then a matter of making your website popular as the more popular it becomes, the more money you are likely to make. As the most popular websites or blogs are ones which are updated regularly, it is probably best to create it on a topic you will be able to write plenty about and therefore avoid having to pay others to provide you with content. In order to make the website seen in the first place, it is best to use SEO which is the shortened term for Search Engine Optimization and is what is used to attract the attention of the search engines at the critical moment.

One of the main functions of SEO is to get a website placed at the top of any list produced by a search engine when an internet search is initiated and this is achieved with the use of keywords strategically placed in the content of the website. Without SEO, although a website will still appear on that list of results, it may be placed behind 200 other websites and so is unlikely to ever be seen, whereas SEO will certainly get the site on the first page if not top of that page.

The most popular websites are also well designed and so time should be spent in designing a website which is both pleasing to the eye and yet still fully functional and easy to use. The content of the blogs and other articles should be of high quality so as to ensure that the visitor has no problem in reading it and so will often return to the site to see if anything is new.

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